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Latin America

Demonstrators clash with riot police during a protest against the government of President Nicolas Maduro, in Caracas, Venezuela, May 20, 2017. (Photo by AFP)
21 May 2017 08:13

200,000 protesters march against Venezuela’s Maduro

Islam Times - More than 200,000 people in Venezuela have staged anti-government protests across the Latin American country, marking the 50th day of rallies against President Nicolas Maduro.

US Spent $49M for Venezuelan Regime Change Since 2009
20 May 2017 08:18

US Spent $49M for Venezuelan Regime Change Since 2009

Islam Times - The US has spent at least $49 million since 2009 to support right-wing opposition forces in Venezuela who are now in their seventh week of violent protests to oust democratically-elected President Nicolas Maduro.

20 May 2017 05:25

Russia vows to send wheat to crisis-stricken Venezuela: Foreign Ministry

Islam Times - Russia has vowed to send several thousand tons of wheat each month to Venezuela in order to help ease the food shortage in the Latin American country.

Workers walk next to empty shelves in a supermarket after it was looted in San Cristobal, Venezuela on May 17, 2017. (Photos by Reuters)
18 May 2017 05:50

Venezuela sends troops to western region to stop looting amid protests

Islam Times - The Venezuelan government has announced that it is deploying soldiers to the country’s western region following a night of looting during anti-government protests.

Death toll from Venezuela unrest hits 42 as violence continues
17 May 2017 07:18

Death toll from Venezuela unrest hits 42 as violence continues

Islam Times - At least four people have died of gunshot wounds at separate protests in Venezuela, bringing the fatality toll from the recent unrest in the country to 42.

Towards a « Latino Spring »?
16 May 2017 09:34

Towards a « Latino Spring »?

Islam Times - Anxiety is growing in Latin America – the United States and the United Kingdom are preparing a « Spring » for them on the model of the « Arab Springs ».

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange speaks from the balcony of the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, February 5, 2016. (Photo by Reuters)
15 May 2017 12:17

Ecuador censures Sweden over Assange case

Islam Times - The Ecuadorian government has criticized Sweden over the “serious lack of process” in dealing with the case of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who he has been confined for almost five years to Ecuador’s Embassy in London.

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro holds a copy of the Venezuelan constitution
15 May 2017 06:45

Venezuelan President Calls for Elections, Proves Opposition Wrong

Islam Times - Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has declared that there will be a presidential elections in 2018 as ordered by the law.

Riot police are seen during a crackdown on protesters demonstrating against President Nicolas Maduro, in Caracas, Venezuela, on May 8, 2017. (Photo by AFP)
10 May 2017 10:21

Venezuelans plan to throw feces during anti-government rallies

Islam Times - Thousands of protesters have taken to the streets in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas to voice their support for President Nicolas Maduro, as anti-government protesters prepare for countrywide rallies during which they plan to throw human and animal feces at security forces.

Venezuelan opposition leader Henrique Capriles (C) demonstrates against President Nicolas Maduro, in Caracas, April 20, 2017. (Photo by AFP)
8 May 2017 06:02

Venezuela opposition won’t join bid to rewrite constitution

Islam Times - Venezuela’s opposition parties have refused to participate in a process called by President Nicolas Maduro to write a new constitution, instead planning more rallies to protest the plan.

A handout picture released by the Foreign Ministry of Colombia Press Office shows the Colombian Ambassador to the UN, Maria Emma Mejia (L), greeting a delegation of the UN Security Council in Bogota, Colombia, May 3, 2017. (Via AFP)
4 May 2017 08:04

UN Security Council members head to Colombia to back peace agreement

Islam Times - Representatives from the UN Security Council members have headed to Colombia to demonstrate its commitment to the peace agreement between the government and the country's largest rebel group and to promote efforts at reconciliation.

Opposition activists are stopped by riot police (unseen) a few kilometers before the entrance to the Ramo Verde penitentiary in Los Teques, 30 kilometers east of Caracas, where opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez is imprisoned, April 28, 2017. (Photo by AFP)
3 May 2017 11:56

Huge opposition rally due in Venezuela

Islam Times - Venezuela’s opposition supporters are set to stage a massive rally in the capital, Caracas, on Wednesday to protest President Nicolas Maduro’s bid to write a new constitution.

Who Is Behind the State Department
1 May 2017 09:33

Who Is Behind the State Department's Coup Plot in Venezuela?

Islam Times - Creating a distorted image of the humanitarian crisis is the starting point. Painting a picture of a country on the verge of collapse is the alibi.

Venezuela Backed for Exiting US Propped OAS
30 Apr 2017 05:50

Venezuela Backed for Exiting US Propped OAS

Islam Times - Venezuela has obtained backing from major world powers after exiting US-propped Organization of American States.

Brazilians Protest Reforms by US-Backed President Temer
30 Apr 2017 05:50

Brazilians Protest Reforms by US-Backed President Temer

Islam Times - Brazilians have called for a general strike on Friday in protest against US-backed President Michel Temer’s neoliberal reforms.

Venezuela’s chief prosecutor Luisa Ortega Diaz talks to the media during a news conference in Caracas, Venezuela, April 25, 2017. (Photo by Reuters)
26 Apr 2017 07:55

Venezuela’s chief prosecutor decries violence as death toll rises

Islam Times - Venezuela’s chief prosecutor on Tuesday denounced a wave of unrest that has killed 26 people, vowing to hold all those responsible accountable and calling on both sides of a heated political spectrum to “lower the tone of confrontation.”

Demonstrators clash with police during a protest in Caracas, Venezuela, April 20, 2017. (Photo by AFP)
24 Apr 2017 09:06

Government supporter ‘dies of injuries’ in Venezuela

Islam Times - A Venezuelan national has reportedly died less than a week after she sustained injuries to her head during pro-government demonstrations in the capital Caracas.

Cuban FM Warns Countries against Interfering in Venezuela Crisis
20 Apr 2017 08:05

Cuban FM Warns Countries against Interfering in Venezuela Crisis

Islam Times - Cuba has warned foreign countries against meddling in the internal affairs of Venezuela, as President Nicolas Maduro is facing plots to oust his government.

The NSA headquarters, Maryland (file photo)
15 Apr 2017 07:21

NSA breached money-transfer system in Middle East and Latin America

Islam Times - The US National Security Agency has compromised users of a major international money-transfer system used by some financial institutions and banks in the Middle East and Latin America, a group of hackers says.

Luis Beaton
12 Apr 2017 11:49

Exaggerated Dangers in Venezuela

Islam Times - Caracas, Apr 10 Exaggerating the dangers that exist today in Venezuela seems to be part of the strategy to root the image of insecurity in order to justify a foreign intervention that will allegedly save the country''s stability.