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Iraqi forces in an anti-terrorist operation
19 Mar 2018 09:21

Iraqi Forces Nab Top ISIS Ringleader Near Mosul

Islam Times - The Iraqi military intelligence has announced the arrest of ISIS terrorist group's commander in Nineveh police in an operation, north of Mosul.

Graphic content / (FILES) In this file photo taken on March 16, 2014 an Iraqi Kurd man walks past grave stones as he visits a grave yard for the victims of a gas attack by former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein in 1988 in the Kurdish town of Halabja, 300 kms (190 miles) northeast of Baghdad. (AFP photo)
17 Mar 2018 09:40

Iraqi Kurds mark Halabja chemical attack anniversary

Islam Times - Iraqi Kurds have staged events marking 30 years since a chemical attack by the former Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, on the town of Halabja.

Iraq special forces conduct an operation targeting possible remaining Daesh terrorists in the Wadi Shabjah area,on the border with Saudi Arabia, on February 12, 2018. (Photo by AFP)
14 Mar 2018 06:30

Iraq's PM security detail commander killed in armed clash in Salahuddin province

Islam Times - Iraq's Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi security detail commander has been killed in firefight in the country's northern Salahuddin province.

Iraqi rapid response forces advance as they take part in an operation against Daesh Takfiri terrorists east of Tuz Khurmatu on February 7, 2018. (Photo by AFP)
12 Mar 2018 09:20

Iraqi security forces start offensive to purge areas near Kirkuk of Daesh terrorists

Islam Times - Iraqi security forces, supported by pro-government fighters from Popular Mobilization Units, have started an operation to clear remnants of the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group from villages near the country’s oil-rich northern city of Kirkuk.

Iraq turning into ‘Middle East Vietnam’ for US
10 Mar 2018 05:15

Iraq turning into ‘Middle East Vietnam’ for US

Islam Times - An analyst says Iraq is turning into another “Middle East Vietnam” for the United States, adding that the US invasion of the country was completely "unconstitutional" and in contradiction of the UN Charter in the first place.

In this file picture, an Iraqi Special Forces soldier walks inside a tunnel in Bazwaya, Mosul, northern Iraq. (Photo by Reuters)
10 Mar 2018 04:23

Senior Daesh figures still hiding in Mosul tunnels, Iraqi officials

Islam Times - Iraqi security officials have warned that the high-ranking members of the Daesh Takfiri terrorist groups are still hiding in tunnels dug beneath the country’s strategic northern city of Mosul roughly a year after government troopers and allied fighters retook the area from the extremists....

Members of the Imam Ali Division, one of the groups fighting within the Popular Mobilization Units (Hashd al-Sha’abi), celebrate after Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declared victory in the war against Daesh, in a location about 80 kilometers (about 50 miles) along the Iraqi-Syrian border west of the border town of al-Qa’im on December 9, 2017. (Photo by AFP)
10 Mar 2018 04:17

Hashd al-Sha’abi formally inducted into Iraq security system

Islam Times - Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has issued a decree, ordering the formal inclusion of pro-government fighters from the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) in the Arab country's security forces.

We Should Listen to the Iraqi Parliament
8 Mar 2018 04:30

We Should Listen to the Iraqi Parliament

Islam Times - This month marks the 15th anniversary of the US war on Iraq. The “shock and awe” attack was launched based on “stove-piped” intelligence fed from the CIA and Pentagon through an uncritical and compliant US mainstream media. The US media was a willing accomplice to this crime of aggression ...

Former US President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush address the media at The Billy Graham Library. (AFP file photo)
4 Mar 2018 11:01

Trump mockingly calls Bush a ‘real genius’ over invasion of Iraq

Islam Times - US President Donald Trump is attacking former President George W. Bush over his decision to launch a bloody war against Iraq.

Iraqi Popular Forces Find Christian Mass Grave near Mosul
4 Mar 2018 05:15

Iraqi Popular Forces Find Christian Mass Grave near Mosul

Islam Times - A new mass grave was discovered in Iraq’s northern province of Nineveh containing the bodies of dozens of Christians believed to have been executed by ISIS terrorists.

Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim Jaafari
4 Mar 2018 04:59

Iraqi FM Rejects US Permanent Bases as Violation of Sovereignty

Islam Times - Iraq will never allow US to build permanent military bases on its soil, Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim Jaafari said on Friday.

Iraqi government forces advance in village of Badush, some 15 kilometers northwest of Mosul, during the ongoing battle to retake the city
3 Mar 2018 09:21

Over two dozen Daesh members killed, arrested in army operation west of Mosul

Islam Times - Iraqi media reports say more than two dozen Daesh terrorists have been killed and arrested in an army operation west of Mosul, which was once the Takfiri terror group’s main stronghold in the Arab country.

A US trooper is seen in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, on June 21, 2017. (Photo by AFP)
3 Mar 2018 07:23

Iraq ‘will never allow US bases on its soil’

Islam Times - Iraq says it will under no circumstances permit the United States to build permanent military bases on its soil, which would be a violation of its sovereignty.

Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari attends a news conference in Moscow, Russia, February 28, 2018. (Photo by Reuters)
1 Mar 2018 07:51

Moscow assists Baghdad in ensuring security: FM Jaafari

Islam Times - The Iraqi foreign minister says Baghdad is receiving assistance from Russia in ensuring security in the Arab country, ravaged by the war against the Daesh terror group, and that the two sides “exchange information” on a regular basis.

This file picture shows Russian-made S-400 surface-to-air missile defense systems on duty in Sevastopol city on the Crimean Peninsula. (Photo by Sputnik news agency)
28 Feb 2018 05:12

Baghdad needs Russian S-400 systems as Western military strategy has failed: Iraqi official

Islam Times - A senior Iraqi official says his country needs to purchase the Russian S-400 surface-to-air missile defense systems and diversify its arms imports as the so-called “Western military strategy” has been a failure in the war-stricken Arab country.

Families and relatives of Daesh militants are seen after they surrender themselves in Iraq.
26 Feb 2018 08:23

Iraq rejects Riyadh's request to extradite over 400 Saudi 'terrorists’

Islam Times - Iraq has rejected a request from Riyadh to hand over more than 400 Saudi Arabians, whom it has imprisoned on terrorism charges.

This file picture shows Russian-made S-400 surface-to-air missile defense systems on duty in the Crimea peninsula. (Photo by Sputnik news agency)
24 Feb 2018 10:33

US warns Iraq of 'consequences' if it buys Russian S-400 missile systems

Islam Times - The United States has warned Iraq, among a number of other countries, of the consequences of extending military cooperation with Russia, and striking deals to purchase advanced weaponry, particularly the S-400 surface-to-air missile defense systems.

Hashd al-Sha’abi calls for withdrawal of US troops from Iraqi territory
21 Feb 2018 07:19

Hashd al-Sha’abi calls for withdrawal of US troops from Iraqi territory

Islam Times - A senior commander of Iraq's Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) has said now that Daesh has been defeated in the country there is no need for the presence of US troops.

Displaced Iraqi children wait in line for water rations at the Hamam al-Alil camp, south of Mosul on May 26, 2017. (Photo by AFP)
18 Feb 2018 12:01

Iraqi delegation to visit Turkey over water dispute

Islam Times - An Iraqi government delegation will visit Turkey to discuss the country’s water share amid environmental concerns over Turkey’s Ilisu Dam on the Tigris River.

18 Feb 2018 07:37

Presence of foreign forces not acceptable in Iraq: Official

Islam Times - An Iraqi official has expressed his opposition to the presence of foreign forces in Iraq, saying they only aggravate problems in the war-stricken country.