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Gunmen Kill Four Jordanian Officers
21 Dec 2016 11:19

Gunmen Kill Four Jordanian Officers

Islam Times - In another gunmen attack on Tuesday, unidentified gunmen killed at least four police officers south of Jordan.

Gunmen Kill 10 in Jordan
20 Dec 2016 05:39

Gunmen Kill 10 in Jordan

Islam Times - Seven Jordanian security officers, a Canadian tourist and two Jordanian civilians were killed by gunmen in the southern city of Karak on Sunday, according to a joint statement from the Public Security Department and the Jordanian armed forces.

US Troops Killed in Jordan Were Training Syrian Militants
13 Nov 2016 09:25

US Troops Killed in Jordan Were Training Syrian Militants

Islam Times - Three American troops who were shot dead by Jordanian guards on November 4 were working with the CIA to train militants fighting against the Syrian government.

US Forces in Jordan
5 Nov 2016 09:49

Jordanian Military Guards Kill 3 US Troops in Exchange of Fire

Islam Times - Three US troops were killed when security forces opened fire at a truck approaching the gate of a military base in Jordan on Friday.

6 Reasons why Jordan Will be ISIS’ Next Destination
1 Nov 2016 07:09

6 Reasons why Jordan Will be ISIS’ Next Destination

Islam Times - After the onset of Mosul liberation Operation that aims to recapture ISIS's last stronghold in Iraq, and regarding the fact that this time terrorists cannot relocate into neighboring Syria, an array of speculations emerged on the next destination of ISIS and its geographic area of influence ...

Jordanian protesters chant slogans during a protest against a government agreement to import natural gas from the Israeli-occupied territories, in Amman, Jordan, on October 7, 2016.
8 Oct 2016 05:35

Jordanians protest against natural gas deal with Israel

Islam Times - Hundreds of Jordanians have staged a rally in central Amman in protest at a multi-billion-dollar deal struck last month to import natural gas from Israel.

1000s of Jordanians protest against gas deal with Israel
1 Oct 2016 04:28

1000s of Jordanians protest against gas deal with Israel

Islam Times - Thousands of people have staged a demonstration in Jordan to express their resentment over the government’s decision to sign a multi-billion-dollar gas deal with Israel.

Jordanians Cast Their Vote
21 Sep 2016 13:55

Jordan Holds Elections as Islamic Party Returns After Decade

Islam Times - Jordan opens its parliamentary elections on Tuesday as the opposition Islamic Action Front (IAF) is rejoining competitions after almost a decade.

King Abdullah: Israeli violations at Al-Aqsa
17 Aug 2016 08:02

King Abdullah: Israeli violations at Al-Aqsa 'attempt to Judaize identity of the mosque'

Islam Times - King Abdullah II of Jordan made a statement Monday regarding recent Israeli violations at the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in occupied East Jerusalem, saying that Israeli raids of the Muslim holy compound were “an attempt to impose a new reality, Judaize the identity of the mosque, and change ...

Members of the Jordanian security forces stand guard at a border crossing
21 Jun 2016 10:10

Car bomb kills Jordanian soldiers: Army

Islam Times - Jordan's state TV reported that the car bomb targeted border guards in the Rukban refugee camp on the Syrian border.

’Terror Attack’ Kills 5 Jordan Intelligence Agents
7 Jun 2016 11:54

’Terror Attack’ Kills 5 Jordan Intelligence Agents

Islam Times - Five Jordanian intelligence agents were killed in an attack on their office in a Palestinian refugee camp north of the capital Amman on Monday, government spokesman Mohammed Momani said.

1 Jun 2016 12:54

Jordan's King Abdullah swears in new government

Islam Times - Jordan’s King Abdullah has sworn in a new government led by Prime Minister Hani Mulqi, charging him with overseeing preparation for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

King Abdullah of Jordan has dissolved the country
29 May 2016 11:57

Jordan's king dissolves parliament

Islam Times - Jordan’s King Abdullah has dissolved parliament in a royal decree to pave the way for the formation of a new government.

Jordanian security forces
14 Apr 2016 06:39

Jordan closes headquarters of Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated group

Islam Times - Police in Jordan have raided and closed the headquarters of a group affiliated with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood movement in the capital, Amman, in a move condemned by the group as “illegal.”

The ancient city of Petra in Jordan
16 Mar 2016 11:05

Jordan parliament bans property deals with Israelis in Petra

Islam Times - Jordan has banned the sale and rent of properties to Israelis in the kingdom’s ancient city of Petra, local media report.

Jordanian security forces secure Hakama street during a raid in downtown Irbid, north of Amman.
3 Mar 2016 07:09

Jordan: 7 killed in raid had ties to IS, planned attacks

Islam Times - Seven men killed in armed clashes with Jordanian special forces had ties to the Islamic State extremist group and had planned attacks on military and civilian targets in the kingdom, the country's intelligence service said Wednesday.

23 Nov 2015 05:50

Jordan to discuss war on Daesh with Russia

Islam Times - Jordan's King Abdullah is set to hold discussions with Russian President Vladimir Putin on fighting terrorists led by Daesh in Syria on Tuesday.

Jordanian border guards (L) stand behind a table where various devices for first detection of possible chemical or biological weapons materials are displayed for visitors at their headquarters near the city of Zarqa on June 8, 2015.
9 Jun 2015 12:45

Jordan unveils border surveillance system

Islam Times - Jordan has unveiled a partially US-funded border surveillance system to secure its borders from any infiltration by terrorists from Iraq and Syria.

Jordanian Interior Minister Hussein al-Majali
18 May 2015 11:11

Jordanian interior minister resigns over police crackdown

Islam Times - Jordanian Interior Minister Hussein al-Majali has resigned following criticism of a fierce police crackdown in the southern tribal city of Maan, the scene of regular turmoil.

A member of the special operations forces takes part in the 2014
6 May 2015 10:13

Jordan hosts war games for troops from 18 countries

Islam Times - Thousands of soldiers from 18 countries took part Tuesday in military drills in Jordan jointly overseen by the US army, officials said.