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Turkey to Give 142 Yrs. in Prison to Opposition Leader
19 Jan 2017 07:29

Turkey to Give 142 Yrs. in Prison to Opposition Leader

Islam Times - Turkish government is seeking a punishment of 142 years in prison for one of the main pro-Kurd opposition figures.

A Turkish soldier stands guard next to the courthouse as a vehicle transporting prisoners passes at Silivri District in Istanbul, December 27, 2016.
18 Jan 2017 09:26

Turkey issues arrest warrants for 243 military personnel in post-coup crackdown

Islam Times - Turkish prosecutors have ordered the arrest of as many as 243 staff with the country’s military over their alleged use of a messaging application, which Ankara associates with US-based opposition cleric Fetullah Gulen.

Why Turkey Insists on US Role in Astana Syria Talks?
17 Jan 2017 12:02

Why Turkey Insists on US Role in Astana Syria Talks?

Islam Times - Turkey has been pushing for the United States to be invited in the upcoming Syrian peace talks in Kazakhstan's capital Astana.

Turkish police arrest Istanbul New Year’s Eve nightclub attacker
17 Jan 2017 06:00

Turkish police arrest Istanbul New Year’s Eve nightclub attacker

Islam Times - The suspect behind a deadly New Year’s Eve attack on a night club in Turkey has been detained by police following a lengthy manhunt.

Deep Gaps,Turkey’s Security Crisis
16 Jan 2017 12:29

Deep Gaps,Turkey’s Security Crisis

Islam Times - The Republic of Turkey since its establishment has witnessed a slew of developments both at home and abroad. Being a linking bridge between Europe and Asia, this country has undergone diversified security conditions.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attends a ceremony for veterans and relatives of victims in Ankara on October 27, 2016.
16 Jan 2017 04:09

Turkish lawmakers pass first reading of constitutional amendments

Islam Times - The first reading of controversial legislation aimed at boosting Turkey’s president has been passed by the country’s parliament.

Turkey Arrests Erdogan’s Ex-Security Chief over Failed Coup
14 Jan 2017 11:54

Turkey Arrests Erdogan’s Ex-Security Chief over Failed Coup

Islam Times - Turkey government has arrested the former head of President Erdogan's security staff over alleged ties with US-based opposition leader Fethullah Gulen, whom Ankara accuses of having masterminded the mid-July coup attempt last year.

Erdogan Closer to His Dream as Turkish MPs Approve Constitutional Change
11 Jan 2017 09:37

Erdogan Closer to His Dream as Turkish MPs Approve Constitutional Change

Islam Times - During the first round of voting on the constitutional changes presented by the ruling party, Turkish parliament members gave an approval vote to the draft on Monday.

Could Turkey swing over to the Russian camp?
11 Jan 2017 08:26

Could Turkey swing over to the Russian camp?

Islam Times - Even though, historically, Russia has a weighty past with Turkey, and even though it has not forgotten the personal rôle played by current President Erdoğan, to its detriment, during the the first Chechen war, it can not fail to be interested by the possibility of Ankara leaving NATO. ...

Leader of Turkey’s main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) Kemal Kilicdaroglu
11 Jan 2017 07:46

MPs backing constitutional changes betray people: Opposition

Islam Times - The leader of Turkey’s main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) has expressed strong opposition to proposed constitutional amendments that would grant additional executive powers to the president, saying the legislators who ratify the bill will be betraying the public.

Shuffling Cards on Syria’s Negotiations
9 Jan 2017 11:19

Erdogan Hands Cards to Putin amid Iranian Doubt

Islam Times - As Russia attempts to chart a roadmap that might lead to a final resolution to the crisis in Syria, the looming decisions pertain to who’s in control of what on the battlefield. An al-Mayadeen analysis piece suggests that, at the negotiating table, Syria’s fate is a game of cards. And,...

A file photo of the Turkish parliament in session
9 Jan 2017 08:15

Turkish parliament to begin debates on presidential powers

Islam Times - Amid considerable criticism and backslapping, a new draft constitution envisaging expanded powers for Turkey’s president will be put to debate at the parliament.

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim
8 Jan 2017 09:57

Turkey Seeks Recalibrating Ties with Iraq

Islam Times - Turkish government says Ankara is trying to amend its ties with Baghdad after the estrangement over Turkish incursion into Iraqi territory.

Erdogan’s Long Shot: Turkish Army Grounded in Syria’s Al-Bab
8 Jan 2017 04:07

Erdogan’s Long Shot: Turkish Army Grounded in Syria’s Al-Bab

Islam Times - After Syrian army forces liberated Aleppo from anti-Damascus forces and their regional backers, the competition between the major relevant sides of the conflict has shifted to capturing the Al-Bab town.

Turkey’s Fatal Mistakes.
8 Jan 2017 04:04

Turkey’s Destructive Mistakes in Syria

Islam Times - Turkey’s meddling in the Syrian conflict is a product of Ankara’s misconstruing of the war. Clearly, Turkish policymakers had been betting on the Syrian government’s collapse when they made decisions pertaining to their stance on the conflict.

Demonstrators shout slogans during a protest against a purge of thousands of education staff since an attempted coup in July, in front of the main campus of Istanbul University at Beyazit Square in Istanbul, Turkey, on November 3, 2016.
7 Jan 2017 09:12

Turkey dismisses 6,000 more workers over links to botched putsch

Islam Times - Turkey has expelled over 6,000 more police personnel, civil servants and academics as the government widens its crackdown on the opposition following the abortive mid-July 2016 coup.

Turkey Extends Emergency State for 3 Months
5 Jan 2017 06:49

Turkey Extends Emergency State for 3 Months

Islam Times - The emergency state imposed in Turkey after the 2015 mid-July failed coup, last year, was extended for three more months, Andolu agency reported on Wednesday.

Turkey’s about-face
5 Jan 2017 06:00

Turkey’s about-face

Islam Times - Turkey is a member of NATO, an ally of Saudi Arabia, a patron of international jihadism since the hospitalisation of prince Bandar ben Sultan in 2012, and godfather of the Muslim Brotherhood since the overthrow of Mohamed Morsi and the quarrel between Doha and Riyad in 2013-14.

This is the Reason We Don
5 Jan 2017 04:39

This is the Reason We Don't Dwell on Turkish Deaths in the West

Islam Times - Turkey is alone. First, we’ll take a look at the racist reasons for this. If 39 men and women had been slaughtered in Paris or Brussels or Berlin on New Year’s Eve, the headlines would ripple on for three or four days. Two or three days if the victims had been western European.