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Publish Date : Tuesday 5 July 2016 - 08:55
Azerbaijan ban on Quds Day demos serves Israel’s interests
Azerbaijan ban on Quds Day demos serves Israel’s interests
Islam Times - Azerbaijan has barred people from holding International Quds Day rallies, held annually to show solidarity with the oppressed Palestinian people, under the pressure of the Zionist lobby groups, a political analyst says.
Speaking in a televised interview, Vaez Marandi added that the move by Azerbaijan’s government to prevent people from staging rallies condemning the Israeli regime’s atrocities against the Palestinian people proved that Baku is moving in line with Tel Aviv's interests.
He warned of various plots hatched against the Muslim world, saying that Zionists are implementing a project to Judaize the Palestinian territories on behalf of the arrogant powers and with the purpose of undermining Muslims.
The analyst emphasized that International Quds Day is a valuable legacy of the late founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Imam Khomeini, for all Muslims across the world.
“International Quds Day indicates unity and coherence of the Muslim world in confrontation with the conspiracies of the global Arrogance and international Zionism and their allies, particularly Takfiri terrorists,” Marandi said.
He added that any measure to block International Quds Day rallies is in stark contrast with Muslims' interests and urged Azerbaijan’s government to show its sympathy and solidarity with Muslims in practice.
The late founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran named the last Friday of the lunar fasting month of Ramadan as International Quds Day.
Each year, millions of people around the world stage rallies on this day to voice their support for the Palestinian nation and repeat their call for an end to the Tel Aviv regime’s atrocities and its occupation of the Palestinian territories.
Millions of people on July 1 attended International Quds Day rallies across Iran and other countries to show their solidarity with the oppressed Palestinian people and condemn Israeli atrocities.
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