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Publish Date : Friday 29 September 2017 - 13:30
Venezuelan Army to Defend Country amid US Threats: President Maduro
Venezuelan Army to Defend Country amid US Threats: President Maduro
Islam Times - Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has ordered the country's armed forces to ready to defend the country’s sovereignty and people amid threats by US.
“We have been blatantly threatened by the most criminal empire in the history of mankind,” Maduro said, referring to the US.
The Venezuelan leader delivered a speech at the military parade held at the El Libertador air base in Aragua state in commemoration of the establishment of the Operational Strategic Command of the Venezuelan armed forces.
He went on to say that the Venezuelan Army has to guarantee the protection and “have the rifles, the missiles and the well-oiled tanks at the ready” to protect “every inch of the national territory.”
The future of humanity “cannot lie in the threats of nuclear strikes or military invasions,” the Venezuelan leader said in his speech on Tuesday. Instead, international relations should be based on “respect and solidarity.”
Maduro also said that his country “does not bomb anyone or interfere in the internal affairs of any country.”
The Venezuelan oversaw air and ground forces simulating a troop landing involving tanks and missiles. Russian aircraft flew overhead as part of the exercise.
Maduro reminded his forces that Venezuela had what he called "the most modern rocket system the armed forces has ever had at any time in its history".
The comments come amid a considerable low between the two countries. The tension peaked following the election of the Venezuelan Constituent Assembly in July. The US called the elections illegitimate, accusing the Venezuelan leadership of “undermined democracy.”
Last week, Trump told the UN General Assembly that the US was ready to act to restore democracy to Venezuela.
Venezuela's foreign minister, Jorge Arreaza, slammed Trump in a Twitter post, accusing him of “dedicating himself obsessively to attacking Venezuela” instead of addressing the needs of people in storm-stricken Puerto Rico.
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