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Publish Date : Thursday 21 September 2017 - 07:09
Army Liberates Nine Towns from ISIS in Central Syria
Army Liberates Nine Towns from ISIS in Central Syria
Islam Times - Syrian forces has managed to recapture nine more towns from ISIS terrorist as the country's army continues its rapid advances in central Syria.
Following the securing of al-Shalishat, Um Ten, al-Nabtiyah and al-Moadamiyah earlier on Thursday, the Syrian Army has pushed on the liberate the towns of Rasm al-Taweel, Biyout al-Nizal, al-Qantrah, Dahrt al-Sathiyah and Dahrt al-Nizal as well as a number of hills surrounding the settlements, Al Masdar news reported.
All five of the most recently secured towns are located in the north-central Homs region of central Syria.
The advance has also seen the Syrian Army capture a range of military equipment that was abandoned by retreating ISIS terrorists as they fled the battlefield. The war loot reportedly includes armored vehicles, armed Toyota pickups and even field artillery.
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