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Publish Date : Saturday 15 April 2017 - 04:55
The US may Target the Hodeidah Port
The US may Target the Hodeidah Port
Islam Times - The repressing of Yemen through intensifying the adverse effects of the war on the population is not limited to the massacring of civilians but also by launching a fierce war against the economy.
It has paralyzed export activities and the Western-led Saudi coalition’s blockade had had reduced the imports of goods and services as well as medicines and necessary medical equipment to a trickle. 

The President of the General Organization of Red Sea Ports said that claims about the Hodeidah Port as a passage for weapons are false and ridiculous as the port complies with the international system of port security.

The port cranes were deliberately targeted and delivery of replacement cranes interrupted altogether, seriously affecting its ability to supply Yemen with food, medicine, oil derivatives and humanitarian aid.

Yet most of its infrastructure and capacity were destroyed, especially the container terminal that is the logistics base for modern industries and after it was destroyed, full warehouses were also bombed.

The port is now operating at about 40% capacity utilizing the minimal existing equipment. It has to actually operate from under the rubble and this has led to the paralyzing of most of the industrial and commercial installations.

As most of the population density is concentrated in the Northern provinces, most of the imports to Yemen enter from the Hodeidah port as none of the other ports offer an alternative. 

The only way to stop the threat of famine in Yemen is to allow this port (and others) to operate at maximum capacity.

The closure of Yemen's airports is also an international embarrassment as international airports have never been closed for humanitarian reasons.

The closure of airports prevents the return of thousands of Yemenis stranded in some Arab and foreign countries. Other sectors such as the tourism, commercial travel, automated booking and air cargo systems are also affected and had lost up to 90 percent of their activities. 

Hence, targeting Yemen's civilian airports can be considered part of targeting the national economy.

Observers recommend that the sons of Yemen should mobilize for the Battle of Hodeidah to thwart the plot of forcing Yemen’s surrender.
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