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Publish Date : Wednesday 15 March 2017 - 09:41
The US Must Stop Enabling the Destruction of Yemen
The US Must Stop Enabling the Destruction of Yemen
Islam Times - According to UNICEF, a Yemeni child dies every 10 minutes from severe malnutrition and other problems related to the war enabled by the US and the Saudi blockade of the north.
When the Saudi-led intervention started two years ago, experts warned of the impending humanitarian disaster and Yemen suffers from the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today.

The US has enabled the Saudis and their allies in this imposed war and continues to back them militarily and politically.

The Saudi-led coalition’s blockade and indiscriminate bombing campaign have brought Yemen to its current state. Their recent bombing of cranes at the port of Hodeidah, has severely limited the supplies that could be offloaded there. 

The UN attempted to supply mobile replacement cranes but the Saudi-led coalition continued bombing the port and surrounding areas.

For two years, the coalition had been starving the civilian population and attacked mostly civilian targets with full US support and approval. 

It seems that the US is only interested in supporting Saudi Arabia, maybe to counter Iran, and finding a road to peace is paid lip-service only, without US support, the Saudis and their allies will never succeed in their failed war that has only caused death, destruction and a humanitarian disaster. Then only will they be forced to negotiate with the Houthi alliance’s rebellion supported by the vast majority of the people, most members of the Yemeni army and the majority of Yemeni tribes.

If the US really EVER supported democracy in Yemen, the Houthi alliance would win by a wide margin.
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