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Publish Date : Wednesday 11 January 2017 - 09:57
Bahrain, The Unspoken Revolution that will Shake Gulf Monarchies
Bahrain, The Unspoken Revolution that will Shake Gulf Monarchies
Islam Times - The Huffington Post published an article entitled "Bahrain, The Unspoken Revolution that will Shake Gulf Monarchies", with reference on the geopolitical status of Bahrain and its revolution.
With help from the Bahrain Mirror agenda  and 2016 Timelines, the article author Catherine Shakdam, Director of Programs for the Shafaqna Institute for Middle Eastern Studies, highlighted major events of the 2016.
She stated, "You don't even need to look further than 2016 to appreciate the genocidal insanity of al-Khalifa regime - so much so actually that not even the United Nations could hide its outrage."
Also stressing on another major 2016 escalation in Bahrain, Shakdam said, "I would say that Diraz siege embodies the absurdity and radicalism of al-Khalifa monarchy." 
To her, "Sheikh Isa Qassim has come to crystalize Bahrain's revolution, and the regime, in good fascist fashion has sworn to burn the very ground he stands on, come what may, regardless of the many lives such actions will claim."
On the overall Bahrain level, the Huff. Post contributor indicated that while Saudi Arabia and its foreign partners exercise a solid grip on Bahrain, "most experts would argue that Bahrain remains an oasis of stability against Asia's rising defiance."
However, it stressed that in fact, Bahrain "has burnt under the fire of state-organized oppression for decades - courtesy of the grand Wahhabist Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, al-Khalifa monarchy's very own financial sponsor and grand religious master."
"Why Bahrain you may ask? How can such a tiny island be that important to so many powers? One word: geopolitics", the article further noted.
On this level, Shakdam clarifies that the kingdom island "not only sits on an important waterway - military and financially speaking, but it also offers Wahhabism a buffer against Revolutionary Iran, the one power Riyadh fears most of all, since it speaks of liberation and emancipation from imperialism."
Also in relation to the revolution and the people of Bahrain, Catherine asserted, "There is unspent strength in that of a popular uprising - especially when anchored in resistance against tyranny."
"Do not fool yourself into thinking that Bahrain was not bled dry under al-Khalifa's violent fury. Bahrain has lost too many of its sons and daughters to brutal oppression for you to claim ignorance," she went on to say.
"Bahrain will fall to the people! And so it should be ..." she concluded.
Source : Bahrinmirror
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