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Publish Date : Monday 9 January 2017 - 11:52
Militants Groups Attend Israeli Conference on Syria
Militants Groups Attend Israeli Conference on Syria
Islam Times - Representatives of a number of militant groups fighting against Syrian nation are planning to attend a conference on Syria in Israeli territories.
The Israeli Truman Center says a number of militant groups in Syrian have accepted its invitations for a conference on Syrian crisis and will enter Tel Aviv on 17 January.
Meanwhile some other members of the militant groups will deliver speeches to the conference, through video connections.
Assam Zeytoon, member of the so-called Free Syrian Army had also recently traveled to Tel Aviv to attend the security conference of Hertzelia.
Kamal al-Lebwani, member of the so-called Syrian opposition coalition, had traveled to Tel Aviv three times. He had proposed that Israel annexes Syrian Golan Heights in exchange for helping topple President Assad in Damascus.
Syria has been hit with foreign-backed militancy since 2011 while Israeli regime remained a main supporter of the terrorist and militant groups by repeatedly attacking the position of Syrian army whenever they were making progress against the terrorists.
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