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Publish Date : Wednesday 9 December 2009 - 04:34
Jumblatt: We Need the Resistance’s Arms
The Druze leader of Lebanon emphasized that support of the Lebanese government demands the use of the resistance’s arms.
Walid Jumblatt, the lead of the Druze in Lebanon and the head of the chairman of the Progressive Socialist Party, emphasized in a speech addressed to a number of active university students: “We need the arms of the resistance until the necessary conditions present themselves where the arms can be merged into the army.” He added: “After the Doha Agreement, the resistance’s arms have become an important issue. Until the Lebanese army and official institutions are strengthened, we need the resistance’s arms in order to defend Lebanon and face any form of transgression.”

Sa’d Hariri, Lebanon’s Prime Minister, met with Walid Jumblatt. This meeting took two hours. They spoke about the newest political changes in Lebanon, especially about the ministerial statement.
Source : Islam Times
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