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Publish Date : Saturday 18 February 2012 - 06:29
Turkey does not enter the Arab countries but only for its interest as the Western countries do
Turkey does not enter the Arab countries but only for its interest as the Western countries do
Islam Times - There is no doubt that the whole world is fighting for materials, land, housing, and even for the lives and for the right to life. Everyone is looking for the personal interest first and foremost, without taking into account any other matter, and anyone who stands still would be crushed by the wheel of life.
“We met with a Syrian Kurdish political scientist to discuss with him the events taking place now in the region.

What do you think about the Syrian situation nowadays?

The Syrian Revolution has been going on since more than ten months, and there are hundreds of people who were martyred in addition to the blood and murder found therein, and despite all this we do not accept any foreign interference in Syria. We are keeping the experience of Iraq as a whole, as well as that of Libya in front of our eyes and we are watching them, and approximately - the U.S. intervention in Iraq caused about one million and half martyrs and dead people, while in Libya there were about fifty thousand dead people and now they reached so far to one hundred thousand martyrs. As for Syria, things could not be solved there through the foreign interference, and if this happened in Syria, the situation would become disastrous, and most of the Syrian people reject the foreign interference because this does not bring democracy to the Arab countries, but brings depleted arms and depleted uranium, which was used in Iraq, Palestine, and Libya. This would be a disaster and its impact would last millions of years and this was confirmed by experts. We saw how the new born infants in the city of Fallujah were affected by the depleted uranium.

Shiron stressed that the foreign entrance into Syria is not in favor of the Syrian people, and that there are many opposition parties who demanded the Arab intervene in it. Few days ago, there were some talk about sending Arab troops to Syria, and that’s what make the problem in Syria be a complex one, because Syria’s strategic location is important. “Thus, the foreign and NATO intervention in Syria as happened in Libya is not a solution at all and we do not want it. We also do not want the establishment of a buffer zone, as they are saying in Turkey”.

What do you think about the Turkish role in Syria?
The Turkish role in Syria is not in favor of the Syrian people and Lt. Colonel Hussein Harmoush was present in Turkey and formed the army of liberal officers and provided the Syrian regime with arms in return for giving his people who belong to the fighters of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) back.

Moreover, there is an agreement signed between Turkey and Syria since 1998 and it is still in force until now; it is a security agreement for the return of those wanted from both sides, and today I read in some websites that Colonel Asaad is kept under house arrest in Turkey and there were reports that confirm that four hundred girls out of the Syrian refugees in that area have been exposed to rape crimes, and this was confirmed by an organization that defends the freedoms in Turkey called “Mazloomin”. Shiron drew attention to the waters of the Tigris and Euphrates, where the percentage of contamination reached to more than 300% i.e. more than what is allowable worldwide. Thus, according to him, Turkey does not enter the Arab countries, but only for its interest as the Western countries do.

Also, after the success of the revolution in both Libya and Tunisia, the Turkish Prime Minister accompanied 250 businessmen to Tunisia, Egypt and Libya to conclude economic transactions and all of these relations are for the personal interest only. Turkey’s interest is now with the Syrian regime, and everything said contrary to this fact is only for media utilization. Turkey entered Syria, called for the construction of the Syrian National Council, and stressed that the Adana Agreement shall remain in force after the fall of the regime in Syria, and this is its first and last concern.

What about the Iranian role in Syria?

Iran has interests in the Arab region, and both Syria and Iran have open relations. Syria during the Iranian-Iraqi war was helping Iran, and it shares strategic relations with it. Hence, if the regime in Syria was dropped, Iran will lose an ally in the region and its front line as well.

What do you say about the revolutions that took place recently in the Arab world?

Those revolutions are not only Arab revolutions. In other words, they are Arab absolute revolutions; they are the spring of peoples and are not only Arab revolutions as a whole. In fact, the circumstances paved the way for these revolutions, for the region reached a level that recommended change. The heads of regimes in some states have been changed and not the regime as a political one; the people have been changed. Some do think that when changing the head of the regime, the revolution achieves its goals, but I say no. Overthrowing, killing and/or expelling the president only does not mean that the revolution has succeeded; the peoples remain the same since the existing regime is still the same and the intervention is still found, so they would not be changed as happened to the head of the regime. This is considered only a remedy, and they are mistaken when thinking this way. The most important thing is when the revolution breaks the wall of fear and teaches the peoples that the fields and Squares, as Al-Tahrir square, is the way to change the situation, and that the fact that there are foreign hands and external planning for the revolutions should not be excluded. Even if there is no external planning, they exploit and take advantage of what is happening as much as possible and utilize the economic situation.

We recall the global economic crisis that was spread in the world, and the reason for it was America and then Europe, who wanted to export the crisis to the world. As we have heard, there is a president who owns huge amounts of endless money, and thus this money must be distributed to the people by pumping money into the economy.

The other issue is globalization, for which they have been calling since more than ten years. They were calling for the economic globalization, through which they pump money to their monopolizing companies. It is noteworthy that the Western people in terms of economy and technology development are advancing more than the people in the region because of the dictatorial rulers in the region; their companies steal the wealth of the peoples.

You have already participated in the Earth Summit Conference, so could you please tell us about this participation?

The Conference was about the indigenous peoples in the Middle East and North Africa and the indigenous peoples’ right to self-determination. We as Kurds in Syria believe that the right to self-determination is our legitimate right, and that this right is a self democratic will, within the limits of the Syrian state. Syria is a democratic and self-managing State.

Based on the extraordinary statistics conducted in 1962, more than thirty thousand people lost their Syrian nationality and their lands were confiscated in 1974. Thus, a barrier was created on the Syrian borders and the Kurdish areas, and the Kurds were displaced into Syria and the Arabs resided instead.
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