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Publish Date : Thursday 9 February 2012 - 07:14
'US wants to install puppets in Syria'
Islam Times - A political analyst says the US and its allies would continue their plan for a military intervention in Syria even without the UN Security Council approval,
He noted that the Western powers are trying to replicate Libya's model in Syria, which is the scene of violence since last March.

An interview with Stephen Lendman, writer and radio host, to share his opinion on this issue.

First of all how do you explain the violence going on in Syria? Who is really behind it?

Lendman: Thank you again for bringing me on. I have written so much about both Iran and Syria and I have a brand new article put out tomorrow. It is mostly on Syria because that is the prime focus at the moment but I called my article “Targeting Syria and Iran”.

It is very clear what is going on. It is a replication of what happened in Libya minus NATO bombing and make no mistake if all measures employed fail, you can expect bombs away to follow.

Washington plans regime change. Washington wants Iran isolated first by targeting Syria. Again the issue is not the Syrian regime, it is not so much the nature of the government who runs it. It is independence. That is the issue, an independent regime where Washington wants a client regime, a pro-Western one.

That is the exact same issue on Iran. The nuclear issue is a red herring, make no mistake about it. The idea is literally to create another client, pro- Western regime to same as it was for a generation under the Shah using any means necessary that we can see the same story line unfolding one very important thing.

Washington prefers diplomatic cover through the Security Council but make no mistake, with it or without it, it doesn’t matter, it will circumvent, it has already circumvented international law because only the US constitution, if US constitution allows only the Congress to allow America to get involved in a war one way or another, but of course that’s never observed, but the issue is without Security Council approval, the scenario that has unfolded against Serbia Kosovo in 1999 will repeat I expect.

And what happened was the Security Council provided no cover, the Western powers decided that NATO was all it mattered and 78 days I believe of horrendous bombing followed.

Can I read you what a former Nuremberg prosecutor said about that? It is very brief. This was a man named Walter Rockler and he said “what NATO did constituted the most brazen international aggression since the Nazis attacked Poland to prevent alleged Polish atrocities against the Germans was a bald faced lie.

It was all a pretext and its next line was the United Nations has discarded pretensions to international legality and decency and embarked on a course of raw imperialism run amok”.

That is exactly what I think is planned now against Syria.

Indeed and so despite what you said and despite the fact that with the case of Libya, Russia was also against the actions by NATO and the US, I mean how likely will that be another unilateral action taking against Syria?

Lendman: Well I think the issue have laid it out in your set up to my comments. I think that is exactly what is unfolding now. We know in Libya we saw the NTC established, an illegitimate group transformed into the legitimate government of Libya. International law prohibits anything like that.

We see the same thing now with the Syrian National Council based in Turkey. You got the so-called Free Syrian Army. These are militants, these are insurgents, they have no legitimacy. They are a rogue operation gang, Assad is right, they are gangs and when they come in, I mean, they are committing most of the violence. I call Assad more a victim than a villain.

That is exactly what is going on but you follow the US media, you follow what is said by Western politicians, all of them once in power whether it is William Hague, I quoted him in my article, Susan Rice did this unspeakable … a so-called US ambassador Hillary Clinton I call her a war goddess, that is what she is and Obama bringing up the rear with absolutely appalling comments. The things have been pointed to the wrong way their guilt goes to Washington, it goes to the complicit NATO partners, it goes to the despotic regional states, they are involved in this, it goes to Turkey, it goes to Israel and it certainly does not go to Assad but again the victim is being blamed for the crimes of the perpetrated in a dirty ugly business and I have been writing one article after another on it.

I say bravo to China and Russia for vetoing the resolution that absolutely would have smooth the way to war. It talked about further measures will be taken if Assad does not agree to step down in 21 days where what body of nations has the right to tell the leader of another nation to step down?

Again international law absolutely prohibits this. The law goes back to 1932 repeated in future laws that absolutely is illegal to meddle in the internal affairs of another country. The only exception is if a country attacks another country, then the country attacked can respond in self defense but only into Security Council acts. That is the extend of it. There are no other exceptions self defense is legitimate, nothing else.

America is the aggressor, NATO is aggressor and the complicit states are aggressors with them and the issue is imperialism establishing regional states, knocking them down one after another.

These are criminal acts. They should be exposed. I do it over and over again in my writing, including on my own program.
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