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Publish Date : Thursday 20 April 2017 - 04:21
US Weapons for the War in Syria and Yemen
A Saudi artillery unit fires shells towards Houthi positions from the Saudi border with Yemen.
A Saudi artillery unit fires shells towards Houthi positions from the Saudi border with Yemen.
Islam Times - The “Liberty Passion” is an enormous, state-of-the art, US ship of the Ro/Ro type designed to transport vehicles and wheeled cargo. It is 200m long with 12 decks sufficient to transport cargo equal to 6,500 automobiles.
 It is owned by the US company “Liberty Global Logistics” and it first stopover at the port of Livorno in late March. It makes monthly trips between Livorno and the harbors in Jordan and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia and is most of the time joined by its sister ships, the “Liberty Pride” and “Liberty Promise”.

A US Maritime Administration communication stated that the “Liberty Passion” and her sister ships linking Livorno with Aqaba and Jeddah and forms a part of the “Programme for Maritime Security”, that “provides the US Department of Defense with a powerful, mobile (private) fleet flying the US flag and equipped with a US crew”.

Each of the ships has “the capacity to transport about one hundred combat and support vehicles, including tankers, vehicles to transport troops, helicopters and equipment for military units”.

The choice of Port Livorno is not a coincidence as Camp Darby, the US army’s logistical base, is situated at the border of Livorno and it supplies US air and land forces in the Mediterranean zone, the Southern zone, the African zone and others.

It has 125 bunkers where all the equipment for two armored battalions and two mechanized infantry battalions are stored. They also stock huge quantities of bombs and missiles for airplanes, together with “assembly kits” to quickly build airports in the war zone.

One route is via Port Livorno, connected to the “Canale dei Navicelli”base (recently enlarged) and the other is via Pisa’s military airport. From here, all the bombs used in the wars waged against Iraq, Yugoslavia and Libya are supplied.

A little more than a week ago the “Liberty Passion” transported 250 military vehicles from Livorno to Aqaba in Jordan 2 days after the US President met with King Abdullah, confirming US support against the terrorist threat coming from Syria.

Not surprisingly, US, British and French instructors have for years been training ‘militants’ of the “Free Syria Army” for terrorist attacks in Syria.

An increasing number of US troops and military equipment are moving to the Jordan-Syrian border to take possession of the southern strip of Syrian territory as the US President had discussed “the possibility of establishing safe zones in Syria” with King Abdullah.

These are for Balkanizing Syria as they can’t possibly control the entire country because of Russian intervention.
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