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The Brave Who Leave Everything To Help The Oppressed

18 Apr 2012 - 15:43

_author : Mobashar Hassan

Islam Times - On the 14th of April 2012 after finishing from the ”Help Rebuild Gaza” event in Luton I thought of the men and women leaving their comfort zones to to drive all the way to Palestine all in support of the oppressed people of Palestine and to show solidarity with the nation that since 1967 has been oppressed...

It is no old fact that the West Bank and Gaza were occupied in 1967 and since then the Palestine as a nation has struggled to lead every day life due to their noisy neighbours.

Viva Palestina is an organisation who since 2008 have been actively travelling to Palestine by road to get aid to the unprivaleged of Paslestine. The co founder f Viva Palestina Mr George Galloway is also the MP of Bradford West spoke of the importanc e of charity and helping the oppressed at the ”Help Rebuild Gaza” event in Luton.

George Galloway spoke of the demonstartion against the oppression of Palestine people in Central London inspired him to create Viva Palestina. “We had to do something more,” said Galloway as he lead over 300,000 people through London peacefully shouting “Free Free Palestine!” it was in that instant moment those 90 seconds that created Viva Palestina.

Viva Palestina, in its mission to Gaza has always faced stumbling blocks, firast it was the Egyptian Government who then were led by the infamous Hosni Mubarak who shut the tunnels down for poor Palestinians to trade and left them hungry and penniless. Then to follow that suit Mubarak then deportrd George Galloway from Egypt, which sadly ended his journey to Palestine but his team made sure they completed the mission by going to Plaestine and distributing gifts and aid to the people of Plaestine.

In a statement Viva Palestine said: “It is five years since the imposition of the siege on 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza and nearly three years since Israel's Operation Cast Lead, which killed 1,417 and destroyed tens of thousands of homes. The UN reports that conditions within Gaza remain appalling. And now a decision by the UN's cultural and sporting organisation to admit Palestine has been greeted with the immediate suspension of £60 million contributions to the body by the US and the decision by Israel to accelerate illegal settlement building in occupied East Jerusalem.

Yet in the face of all that, the Palestinian people are determined to rebuild. Pressure to finally end the siege is increasing and they are looking to the future of Gaza, which has a large youth population. “

Viva Palestina started in the UK has now grown so much that they have branches all over the world from Viva Palestina UK, Viva Palestina Malaysia and even a Viva Palestina USA. The branches then work together to better Palestine and to make it safe and have over the last 5 years made built schools, hospitals and even sport facilities for the Palestinian people. This is all done in the name of humanity.

Viva Palestina are leaving on the 22nd of April 2012 with over 200 vehicles to distribute aid in Gaza and the journey again shall have obstacles but the purpose of humanity is beiiger then any obstacle and we hope they achiev in there mission to deliver aid.
The world is waiting for peace and peace is what the world should have, if hopefully Israel can come to an agreement with Plaestine and live in solidarity then it shall be an examle for the whole world and would hopefully make nations realise that suffering of the unprivaleged is not right.

The most amazing story of Viva Palestina is that its members are not jujst Muslim but the majority is of all background and faiths. An amazing story and achievemnt for Viva Palestina was when two hundred people, almost all US citizens, passed through the Rafah crossing into Gaza on 15 July 2010 carrying with them a quarter of a million dollars worth of medical aid and supplies. The delegation reflected the great diversity of US society. There were Muslim-, Arab-, African-, Jewish-, Latino-, and Native-Americans as well as Christian ministers.

It was the largest such mission in terms of people and aid ever to leave the US for Palestine. We were delighted that it could be joined by Cynthia McKinney, the former US Congresswoman and Presidential candidate, who arrived hot-foot after her detention on the high seas by Israeli forces and was able to enter Gaza for the first time, having joined George Galloway and the Viva Palestina convoy. Along with New York Councilman Charles Barron, her participation signalled a reforging of the alliance between Black American figures and Palestine that were a hallmark of the solidarity movement 30 years ago.

The convoy did face great bureaucratic obstacles, however. They resulted in an original three day stay in Gaza being lopped to just 24 hours and in 47 new vehicles dedicated for medical use being prevented from crossing from Egypt to Gaza. They remain safely in the customs free zone in the port of Alexandria.

I hope organisations such as Viva Palestina can become an advocate of peace, equality and new beginings.