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Publish Date : Tuesday 20 December 2011 - 15:57
Islam Times Exclusive:
A year after the revolution: the West and the fallacies
A year after the revolution: the West and the fallacies
Islam Times - The Tunisian revolution, which took place one year ago, paved the way for the Arab spring, waiting for the extreme elimination of the dictatorships that ruled the necks of millions of Muslims who yearn for freedom and dignity. This leading revolution, and the revolutions that followed whether in Egypt, Libya or Yemen, exposed what the West was spreading of the lies and fallacies; those games that contributed to the dominance of dictatorships over the necks of the citizens who are banned from talking and/or saying a word and their hands are shackled...
By: Saleh Al-Damas

In fact, those peoples, who have risen up during the said spring, could not stay silent in front of what was propagated by the West, which claims democracy and freedom and wants to spread them through its own way.

One year since the Tunisian revolution. It was led by the poor and the unemployed people, who are only interested in providing the daily food and who were suffering because they were unable to get it or even to provide it for their families. Then, they, along with other people, were aware of what was promoted by the competent institutions about the welfare of Tunisia, and what was published in the magazines on matters relating to the economies of the nations regarding the bliss enjoyed by our country, to an extent that made the “Forbes” magazine classify Tunisia among the top ten countries in the world, facing many European and American ones. Also, we used to hear on the radio and television news that Tunisia got the first rank at the economic and financial levels in the list of the developed nations. Yet, despite the fact that the Tunisian people did not believe this nonsense, but the, Western, media pressure, was almost convincing us that we were living in paradise, but ... we never know.

We used to hear that Tunisia is the best country in Africa, and this was not said by the backward Tunisian media during the ruling periods of Bourguiba and Ben Ali, but was said by foreign media agencies, and this is the irony. We used, in order for us to know what we are or have, to be obliged to turn to the West, as if even it is the thermometer, through which we recognize our disease and medication. We used to hear that Tunisia is unprecedented, for it is the first in Africa and the country that has the least ratio of illiteracy, and that the citizens therein gain the highest salary of the Gross National Product (GDP).

However, the blessed revolution led by those, who do not have any salaries at all, exposed those lies that were proudly mentioned by the Western media, as well as the local ones, so that to put us in front of the real status of the Tunisian people, and their daily suffering, whether in employment, education, health, and/or in everything relating to decent life. The former regime or the Western suspicious news agencies used to pompously embellish those fallacies, which they describe as excellent and outstanding, what made us almost believe that we were living in Switzerland or in the United Kingdom. Yet, we awoke to find alarming facts; the official media stated, without shyness and bashfulness, statistics that terrorized the Tunisian society. I will limit myself in this article to mention only two important things:
The first is what was announced by the interim Prime Minister, Baji Kaid Al-Sbsa, who stated that the Tunisian economy would be below zero and dire, if we did not enlist all the forces in order to save it, contrary to what was arrogantly mentioned by the deposed regime of Ben Ali, as well as by the complicit Western mass media.

The second, what actually shocked us all, is the ratio of illiteracy in Tunisia. The official media, in which we trust, confirmed recently, that this ratio is more than seven per cent i.e. more than one million and a half of the Tunisians do not know how to read and/or write. In theory, this is a very serious issue that shocked all the people, because of what was rumored in the foreign news agencies and the Western ones in particular. They used to claim that Tunisia does not have illiteracy and that it is the first in Africa and the Arab world. However, those are only words to be published in newspapers and said by suspicious associations that, for sure, were transmitting what was prepared by the deposed dictator Ben Ali, not to make the image of Tunisia sparkle, but because of the aim hidden in the souls of those who claim democracy, freedom and human rights, so that to practice this in their own countries with full transparency, and to issue contaminated outdated figures and statistics to us.
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